Born in Ypsilanti, MI in an era of lead paint, no microwaves, cords on phones, and everything made with oak.  Jon is your avid fan of sports and true-school popular culture.  He knows a plethora of useless sports knowledge (and he's used as a lifeline at various remote sports trivia events), believes that cool is a lost art, and an advocate of the theory "no one knows where the nose goes behind closed doors".  Not a yes man, and will contest to converse the truth and honesty of any subject matter. We are all fair game. Oh… and by the way, He takes decent pictures.

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A Detroit native and product of the Detroit Public School system (Cass Tech '94).  Von is the ultimate sports fan and roots for everything Detroit, Lions, Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings.  He attended Clark Atlanta University for 3 years before finishing his degree at Central Michigan University.  He is a self-proclaimed, God-fearing, Black Man, Husband, Father, Uncle, Thinker, Highly Opinionated Asshole, and he talks too much hence this podcast. 



From Flint, MI

From Flint, MI way before the water crisis. For Dev, competition and beats are the reason he loves sports and music! He's played most sports and will try or watch any (except curling #notreallyasport). He listens to many different genres of music and DJ's for hobby, but dont get it twisted he does his thing on the 1's & 2's. Charming, funny, with a different way of thinking and that's Dev hate him or love him!